Kwan Yin Healing availability

Click on any time to make a booking. These should come up in your time zone – check to be sure. Also, please note that this calendar is for phone appointments and distance healing. If you are looking for an in-person session, please contact me to set up the appointment:

Please write in the notes field the purpose of the booking (consult, healing, meeting, etc). I will call you at the appointed time at the number you give – UNLESS you are outside of the U.S./Canada, in which case I will call you via Skype (voice call), so leave your Skype name (or join Skype–it’s free).

If you’re unable to find suitable times, please contact me at

I’m looking forward to working together!

You will get a reminder two days before the event. If you’re booking on less than 48 hours notice, no other confirmation will be sent; the bookings are immediately confirmed when you make them–you’ll see in a moment!

Thank you for inviting me to be of service. Namaste.


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